Sine/IDEMLINE - 2000

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IDEMLINE is a demo crew  born in 1992
IDEMLINE main purpose is to involve itself in demo and software, (and to swap/deal them around for free of course !!) with use of it's own Code/Gfx/Muzacs, in order to improve our code, find the real tricks and resolve the mistery of life... ;-)

All productions here are 100% IDEMLINE productions.
We don't use ripped code ! !

Most of ST IDEMLINE production are made to be compatible with F30. But some won't run on a simple ST machine ,so see the 'production table' for more details...

You can copy and deal all IDEMLINE productions for free if you want it.
You're not allow to sell any of them in any case

In this page you will found

The answers to all questions about IDEMLINE
A rather complete list of IDEMLINE productions to download
Some links on best Disk-Magazines on the WEB
NEWs about our project advancement

And much more...

So enjoy it,have fun,and don't forget :
"respect the rules,respect the peoples !".

Actually our main purpose (ATARI speaking) is to finish the 'Sweet Valley" demo. Then we've planned to realise several other stuff such as a 10/15 Mo big demo!, because nowaday you are only able to find such productions on other machine ,like PC (Beuuuuhhh!!) and it'll be fine to get a kind of giant demo with lot's of design animations and hard-coding on our machines)..For that moment there is only well designed and hard-coding demo (sono..!!).

I don't know if you've ever seen the demo that are just coded nowaday on C64 but I had seen some of them during the Volcanic Party IV and it was really impressive..the guy did code with 1 Mhz & 8 color C64 machine a demo that was the same as the PC version (and the PC version was fucking good even if it was on the wrong machine!!) running in 133 Mhz (at least) & 256 colors (1p1o ) mode! This demo was including some amazing 3D ,like mapped tunnel,mapped world,big phong objects...and so on!! PC users there were really surprised by such a result ,(atari users too!)...and we could't understood why there was such a kind of demo on C64 and not a single one on ST/F30 !! AArrgggh!!! The only people triing to do this on our ATARI are TSCC and Avena (Exa too with "Entracte" for example),and I must greet them for this!! So you must have understood the kind of demo I would like to make :-)) !!

But for such product,I had to improve first (And I will have to improve again and again because that's the rule in informatique coding ...),that's why the Sweet_Valley had to be done quite soon!!

Last words
"Keep the spirit","Enjoy your ATARI"
"Respect the rules,respect the peoples!"
"Always code for FUN!!"...

Most  GFX/CODE/DESIGN ©1999-2005  Sine/IDEMLINE
For any sugestion/correction contact me 
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