Sine/IDEMLINE - 2000

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WELL,well... I think you want me to put there more information about our planned productions ,won't you?
Contrary to many other french crew WE STILL ALIVE,even if we don't found many time to code.
And we have many project in works too..

As far I am concern (Sine),I have many works to do before putting an end to the SWEET-VALLEY Demo such as :

  • Learning and training in DSP code
  • Ending my 3D 'little engine'
  • Preparing more effects (if possible new effects)
  • Optimising old ones
  • Improving my global code and design...

  • But don't be afraid and be sure this demo will be over a day or another (and when I said another it is not to say in 10 years...) I think if all is good I could end it for september or december 1999 (don't you think it may be funny to end it for the 01.01.2000 ??)

    Well of course I could end it sooner, but I want to designed it quite well because most of criticism on IDEMLINE production seems nowaday be directed toward their design ( And I must said that I don't agree with all this critics [Hello Moondog ;-)] the way I can not deal a production if I'm not satisfied with the result... I think you will easily understood this
    So you will just have to wait a little bit.

     BELUGA Aaarggghhh....

    What a sh...!!
    I begun to make a new intro in GFA 3.5 in the same spirit as the Tankerzone (Impressive and unusual GFA effects), for the Eil in 99 convention in Dresden called 'BELUGA'(because I finally found a bit of time to go there)

    ...Unfortunaly I won't have enought time to finish it, because now some exams are coming two days after the coding party...what a shame!! - Of course I could show a undesigned intro for that time,but surely not a well designed intro ,so .... - So I surely will not go there even if I would like very much to meet some of my contacts and other 'ATARIST'.

     Forthcoming productions

  • 90%: K-SCREEN made in 94-95 but not finished
  • 30%: BLURP intro just for fun and design!
  • 20%: IMOL (In Memory Of Lines!) whith just LINES!
  • 40%: an old-like screen whith big scroller

    And surely one or two 68000/60030 intro,with maybe a bit of DSP code (If ever I found time for that!!) ...

  • 10%: BORN: at least 20/25 great GFA efects +2 ASM. (arrrg this one should've be done since 3 years!!!!)
  • 60%: PIRATE : GFA demo release with MAGISTER/The LIFTINGS.
  • 05%: JAPMO2 : GFA megademo release with HYLST.
  • 10%: "Sweet Valley" : I had to had more and more effects,some anims,design,3D,a lot of optimisation......ouchhh.... many work for this!

  • 20%: Yniaprab : 3D GFA wolfenstein like
  • 35%: OVNI I : "Plateforme" game..
  • 60%: Alone : pacman like
  • 50%: Pontons : "plateforme" game
  • 30%: Shootc : invader like
  • 60%: Labyr : pacman like
  • 10%: Race : scrolling like

    { will probably be never realease due to the lack of time (and the amount of gfx needed to finished it...) but maybe a short playable version could appear a day or an another....}

    ... and many other games This section is at the lowest priority for me,because making games takes me too much time (And I don't really like playing games,I just like too make them...),especially for the Gfx and the levels...(As exemple all GFX and 50 levels of Alone are finished since 3 years..and I didn't found time to put and test them all together for that time!!) So don't wait too much about games...if it's come it will be "par hasard"...An another problem is that I rather prefer working on new game than finishing old ones (see WINTEL OUTSIDE {that was planned before} realise in 2 days!)....

    Note about WINTEL OUTSIDE : There was a little IFF anim that I forgot too include in the games because I finished it before my IFF anim player!!! :-)

  • Other stuff
  • Pic compilation about MICHELLE PFEIFFER!! (Job Complete)
  • This WEB page!!
  • My IFF packer/player
  •  ...


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