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Time to start a new page .. As you guess about the Party Reports ;-)
Well, in fact it's a bit like the IDEMLINE news page , but as it would take too much space including this in the news page I (Sine) decided to add this 'Coding Party Report Page'.

2000 STNICCC 2000 (Leiden/Netherlands)
1998 Gigafun 1998 - JEM (Strasbourg/France)
1997 Volcanic Party IV (Grenoble/France)
1996 Volcanic Party III (Grenoble/France)
1996 P2B5 : Place To Be 5 (Pau/France)
1995 P2B4 : Place To Be 4 (Mont de Marsant/France)

 STNICCC 2000 The 15/16/17 December 2000
Wednesday Night  Saturday Night 
After some minutes of speaking with them they show me a place to put my machines... We open the lights. I asked Richard for a monitor, and we went in the lower floor to get one. I went back with the monitor and I began to move some tables to connect my F30 and my PC to the powersources. Some other guys are coming... It's about 18h45.

There are many french guys... about 6 or 7 frenchies and 4 guys from Netherlands : 2 guys from the maggie team and 2 others from Teenage.

I recognised some of the french because I ever seen them in an another coding party, so I asked them in wich coding party I could have seen, and we spoke a litlle about the party place... because you know it was a '5 Etoile' (as we say in french) for a party ... not a cold 'hangar' place but we were in the rooms of a real company (Lanalyst), and it was really comfortable (and not cold at all ;-)).

Some other guys came in the main room (where we were and where I put my computers : a little portable-pc ;-( and my F30 (allelouiaaa!! ;-) ) and asked us about our nick name and demo crew. I discovered that the 2 guy I was speaking with were from HC (Holocaust) : Zappy and Elric ... God!! One of my favorite ATARI demo crew !!! The guy who asked the question didn't knew their production .. How can this be possible ? I gave him some demo title as 'rising force' or 'blood' (my 2 favorites!) and the same way I explained Zappy and Elric that I was really one of their fan .. HOLOCAUST was here ! For me it was a great surprise .. and it wasn't finished yet. Some minutes after, some others french guys arrived in the room ... and asked again for the nick names and democrew names ... And this 3 guys were from : OVERLANDERS. Wahouu!! There is 10 people in the place , the party as started an hour ago ... and I allready meet HOLOCAUST and OVERLANDERS !! My god ... Impressive !

As I know quite well their production (both HC and OVR) , I asked them many question, wanted to know too if it was some hidden screnn I never saw before somewhere in their productions ... Well I don't remenber the amount of question I send them at this time but something is sure .. I should have spoke a lot.

After some times and went to the lunch room to eat some sandwiches and talk a bit with all the guy there. At this time there were about 15 or 20 guys (and a girl! : Dim/OVR fiance) in the party place. The old demomakers ;-) (OVR, HC, ... ) started to talk about the old time of the scene and about some demo tricks too. Really interesting!

Wednesday Night
After the dinner I went back to the main room while some guys where going to their Hostel for a sleep (allready tired??). The guy that has put his machines on the table in front of me moved and another one took the place (Hello Aldn ;-)).

As I learned some times after his ATARI prefered part is the music domain! We spoke a lot and he told me he was really surprised to never have heard of me while I allready made some ATARI productions.I explained him, I never did anything to deal my productions , except sending them to some of my (few) contacts... I show him 'Tankerzone' (for the F30) and 'SCHIZO' (ST) .. but this demo was really running to fast on my F30 that really began to look like a crasy computers .. the guys from HC did arrived at that time.

We all re-started to spoke all together, and we went in front of Aldn ST to see an HOLOCAUST demos (BLOOD).

Later in the evening many people went to the Party Place, so it looked a bit like Wall Street (Or was it Market Street ?? ;-)) , all running to get their machines, to plug them , find links, power source, all running to see someone, all speaking together... well many people were allready at the place. It was about 9 O'clock

They moved the giant screen that was behind me to plug some game-console : Playstation, Dreamcast, Jaguar too, and so on ... And .. of course they played games !!

Later in the evening (and in the night)...Well in fact I don' t really remember if it was Wednesday or Saturday night but I remenber ! What ? Ho yes... hummm (clearing throat) : The Old Guys from the first STNICCC (in 1990!) and others 'old demomakers' where sitting in the middle of the room, in front of the Giant TV Screen watching a video from the STNICCC 1990! If I remenber well there were some guys from Delta Force, Level 16, ULM, ... and so on (Unfortunly I don't remember all the people there ... but you can believe me it was really amasing ... all this famous demomakers sitting in this place, that looks really strange !! Or maybe something was hidden to me?? Maybe , I was just arrived in an another planet ??).

A another thing that was quite funny was to see and recognise them on the video they were watching, ... and to see how they did change (or not), after teen years of demoscene... And for me who wasn't there 10 years before it was a good way to see how the scene looked like at that time, and how the demoparty were...many other people were on this video such as TCB (The CareBears), one of the most well know democrew on the ST! or the Overlanders (All sleeping at their Hostel), ....

Even if most of them allready live the scene (As 'active crew'), they all semmed to still interested in it's life and evolution ... The last demos, the changes, the new democrews , the rising of the polish and est-european scene (That is producing most of the best ST demos ever done : BlitterMania, Amok, Reanimation, ...).

It's about 3 O'Clock .. The 'Old guys' are watching video and speaking since 11 O'Clock! I can't find someone to speak with (they are nearly all asleep!) and I don' t want to seat in front of my F30 now ... nothing to do ... It's 4h30 ... It's time for me to go for a sleep too... Well, maybe I will code something for the party tomorow.. let's sleep a bit before.

7h30, time to wake up!! I didn't brought any sleeping bag (I did not plan I would sleep ;-)), just a 'couverture' to put on my shoulder (I though the place would looked like a cold hangar and I couldn't stay in front of my computer without this 'couverture' ... I didn't know it would be such a great place ... And I must admit , never being in Netherlands before, I thought, it would be a much more cold weather!!!)

Saturday Night (fever!)

.../... To Be ContiNueD .../...
Et en plus ils on tous un super Anglais ... Meuhhhh

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